Objectives: Driving Digital Transformation Through Clear Goals and Collective Action

Our Objective section outlines our core goals and aims as an organization. We believe in setting clear objectives to guide our efforts towards achieving our mission of driving digital transformation globally. Explore this section to understand our focus areas, strategic initiatives, and how we aim to make a meaningful impact in the digital landscape.

a sprinkler spraying water on a green field
a sprinkler spraying water on a green field

Advocate the use of standards and best practices for digitally connected society

a group of people in a factory
a group of people in a factory


  1. Professional, directed towards the advancement of the education and practice of digital transformation in the business and industry, as well as the allied branches of educational standards related to consultancy, skills development, business management, human resource management, governance, technology management, and any other relevant areas;

  2. Establishing and governance of educational standards, such as to formulate, monitor, review and endorse course contents related to digitalization, that accelerate the competencies of skilled workforce, to enable a dynamic and adaptive digitally connected society;

  3. Holding of meetings for presentation and discussion of educational material, papers, the publication and circulation of works of literature, science and art pertaining thereto;

  4. Provide recognition of professional digital leaders, specialist, and technologist for offering support, public accountability and representation of the professions to the industry;

  5. Any other activities necessary, suitable and proper for the fulfilment of these objectives;

Promote interoperability with the use of common frameworks and classification standards

white and red floral egg
white and red floral egg


  1. Professional and scientific, directed towards the advancement, recognition and governance of technology and digital solutions that enables digital transformation in the industry, as well as the allied branches of science and technology application that conform to the national and international standards, guidelines, policies and any other relevant publications and works;

  2. Establish standards, classifications and governance of digital solutions that include software, hardware, cloud services, telecommunication, appliances, equipment, and everything that supports digitalization;

  3. Establish centre of excellence, hubs or associated centre of state, national and international bodies that can drive the national digital transformation in the industry;

  4. Establish research and development platforms that promote digital innovations and digital culture;

  5. Any other activities necessary, suitable and proper for the fulfilment of these objectives;

low angle photo of building
low angle photo of building

To be the Center of Excellence for digital transformation agenda.


  1. Develop a digitally connected community by promoting the standards, practices and works established by the Society in relation to Objectives 1, 2, into all areas of businesses and relevant parties;

  2. Set up platforms, such as forums, in digital or physical means, to deliver information and services to the members of the Society;

  3. Foster opportunities for professional development in digitalization through activities such as conference, workshops, publications, electronic media, etc.;

  4. Represent the views of members on standards and practice that address the issues related to digital transformation, and promote them to the industry and the government agencies;

  5. Coordinate the provision of relevant information on qualified practitioners to the community and to governments agencies;

  6. Any other activities necessary, suitable and proper for the fulfilment of these objectives.

About Digital Connect Society

Founded on 20 March 2023, we are a registered Professional Society under the Malaysian Societies Act 1966.

Society Registration No. PPM-023-14-20032023

Registered Address:

T2B-19-10, 3 Towers, No.296, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia